Oct 6 @ 7:00 am – 3:00 pm




1. Participation and Eligibility: Participation is open to anyone 18 years or older. Any Person under the age of 18 must be paired with a partner 18 years or older and have the signature of there parent or legal guardian.

2. Teams: A team consists of one or two persons. A boat captain will be permitted to captain youth teams. The captain may not fish and is considered a non-competitor and must adhere to rule 8.

3. Registration: Contestants may sign up online at or at either Tackle Addict in store locations.

4. Insurance: A minimum of $100,000 liability insurance is recommended of all contestants.

5. Safety: Safe boating must always be observed. Each contestant is required to wear a fully zipped and fastened U.S Coast guard approved personal flotation device anytime the combustion engine is running. All boats must be equipped with an emergency shut off advice which must be securely attached to the driver’s body anytime the combustion engine is running. The driver must be seated anytime the combustion engine is in gear. Competitors are allowed to leave the boat and seek shelter in bad weather, but all fishing must cease.

6. Permitted fishing methods: Only artificial lures may be used. Only one rod may be used per angler at a time and each cast must be completed before another cast is attempted or another rod is used. All bass must be caught alive and in a conventional sporting manner. Anglers cannot leave the boat to land a fish or to make a fishing area more accessible.

7. Sportsmanship and Conduct: All contestants are required to follow high standard of sportsmanship and courtesy.

8. Assistance: During competition hours anglers may not receive fishing information from a non-competitor for the purpose of locating or catching bass.

9. Emergency: In the event of an emergency competitors should call 911 and then contact the tournament director.

10. Boat and Horsepower: Each boat must have all required U.S. Coast guard safety equipment, properly aerated live wells. Maximum horsepower may not exceed the horsepower limitations set by the U.S. Coast guard for that vessel.

11. Permitted fishing locations: Contestants may fish any where on Sam Rayburn lake except areas designated as no fishing or restricted areas.  A 50 yard no fishing rule will be in place for competitors who are anchored with the trolling motor up. Moving bass to a confined area of Sam Rayburn during practice is not permitted.               

12. Trailering is allowed: Teams may launch anywhere but must take off from Umphreys pavilion cove by order of there drawn boat number. Teams may trailer their fish to weigh-in but must be in the check in line no later than 5:00pm.   

13. Scoring: Will be determined by the official weight of each teams catch during the tournament. Only Largemouth and spotted bass at least 14” in length (measured with the moth closed and the tail compressed) are accepted species. The limit is 5 bass per team. Culling must be done immediately. A .25-pound penalty will be accessed for each dead bass a team brings to the scales. No dead bass will be eligible for the big bass award.

14 .Late penalty: a 1 pound per minute penalty up to 15 minutes will be accessed to the total catch including any weight to be counted for a big bass award.

15.Closing of the scales: At least one team member must be in line at Umphreys pavilion by 5:00pm. 

16.Ties: In the event of a tie teams can agree to split the prize money or flip a coin. 

17. Polygraph and protest: Any team may be subject to a polygraph exam at the tournament director’s discretion. Any protest must be submitted to the tournament director in writing at least 15 minutes before the closing of the scales.

18. Official start and end time: Contestants may launch anywhere but must leave from Umphreys cove beginning at 7:00am in order of their drawn boat number. Competitors will draw for boat number on Friday October 5 at the Sam Rayburn Tackle Addict location. *If you can’t draw your own number you must contact Tackle Addict Sam Rayburn on Friday October 5th between 9am and 7:00pm and a representative will draw a number for you. Boats 1-50 must stop fishing at 3:00 pm, 51-100 – 3:20, 101-150 – 3:40, 151-200 – 4:00pm and boats 201-250 must stop fishing at 4:20. All teams must be in the check in line at Umphreys pavilion by 5:00pm.

19.Weigh bags:   ***** All teams are required to use our weigh in bags. Bags will be given out at the check in line. *****   

*NOTE* The Youth and Co/Ed prize are additional to the regular payout

To download a copy of the rules and registration form click below


In addition to the tournament we also will have the kids casting event.  To download the entry form for the 2018 KC Sam Rayburn Slam Kids Casting contest click the button below