TTZ – Austin Wed Night 8/12/09


25 teams fished, 11 teams weighed in and 3 places were paid.

We had another great turnout with 25 boats and near perfect lake conditions for fishing! With the storms passing through late in the afternoon, most of the recreational traffic stayed off the water allowing our anglers and their boats a much needed break from the wear and tear of constant rollers. Several teams that had a chance to get out and do some pre-fishing reported finding an active bite with several keepers boated within a short amount of time. The buzz quickly spread during registration and everyone took off anticipating a great evening of catching.

The fish remained active for a brief moment and the teams that chose the right spots early on were the ones taking home the money at the end of the evening. Jason and Jay weighed in the only limit and walked away with $375.00 for their 10.73 pounds.

Jeff Piil and TTZ fishing team member Dan Taylor came in second and caught three of their four fish within the first half hour of the tournament. Jeff caught his fish throwing a wacky rigged Yamamoto Senko and drop shot while Dan stuck their biggest fish on a jig. Coming in third were Lee Benton and Josh with a four fish bag including a nearly five pound kicker. Lee stated they milked a 100 yard stretch of grass on the lower end and caught all their fish on Senkos.

Big Bass of the tournament went to James and Chris for their nice 5.22 pounder, they also won the Yamamoto and Kinami tackle pack for their fourth place “just out of the money” finish. Congrats to all of our winners and as always thanks to everyone that showed up!


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