TTZ – Austin Wed Night 4/8/09


22 teams fished, 10 teams weighed in and 3 places were paid.

Lake Austin continues to be a sporadic bite. Out of the 22 teams that showed up chasing the Certified Arbor Care $300.00 Big Bass bonus and the Hustler Turf/Mitchell Outdoor/TTZ 25K lake record, two teams were able to find the fish and put together a nice limit.

Lee and Andrew used crankbaits and Yamamoto Senkos to catch a first place bag weighing 13.97 pounds, they also had a solid five pound fish to anchor their sack. Following closely behind in second place with 13.82 pounds were JJ Jackson and JR Briant. JJ stated the team targeted deep grass lines using Yum Wooley Hawg Craws to catch their fish with most of their bites coming once the bait fell over the edge.

Ed and Duke won Big Bas honors with their 9.30 pound toad which fell victim to a modified Chatterbait; they also took home the Yamamoto and Kinami tackle pack for their fourth place/just out of the money finish. Finishing third with only two fish for nearly 13 pounds were TTZ fishing team member Bryan Thompson and his Bass Champs partner Grant Schrabel. The team scouted post spawn water before the start of the tournament and stumbled upon some big fish holding in those areas. Going back to their spots, Grant was able to pick up two really nice fish, with one over seven pounds, on a Yamamoto Senko. Bryan also mentioned he hooked into an 8-9 pound fish right before sunset that got away. I was in the area when he lost this fish and could see the splash it made from across the lake!

Congrats to the teams in the money and thanks again to all that came out, it was nice seeing some new people as well as several familiar faces from last year! We’ll be out again next week trying to give away $25,000.00…it only takes one cast!


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