TTZ – Travis Tues Night 5/5/09


14 teams fished, 8 teams weighed in and 2 places were paid.

Wednesday turned out to be a loco night on Lake Travis as most of the fourteen teams that fished tonight were led to believe the 7.77 Jackpot was about to go down. In the end it turned out to be a bit of a David Copperfield illusion, as the big fish of the night weighed in at a very respectable 6.74 lbs and ended up being a great kicker to a very good sack.

Dave and Albert stepped it up tonight by winning with a total of 15.98 pounds. Last week’s second place finishers let us confidently know at the dock they had a good bag and proved it at weigh in. They caught their fish in moderate depths on points with a creature bait they said they found in the bargain bin at Wal-Mart.

In second place were newcomers Tim and Conrad. Tim is co-owner of Pro Swimbaits from Phoenix, AZ and was the angler who caught the huge 6.74 lb beast that added to the team’s 14.25 pound limit. Tim and Conrad’s fish were also caught in medium depths on points with Yamamoto Senkos, football jigs and a swimbait he designed for Pro Swimbaits.

Rounding out the winners, and receiving the Yamamoto and Kinami tackle pack, was the team of Dale and Jake Read. Their catch came via the Yamamoto Senko in depths of 12 feet or less. It was also good to hear that Dale finally out fished his son this week after a very long period of the protégé overcoming the mentor.

It was awesome to see everyone out there this week and even saw some new faces. We look forward to the next tournament and paying out that 7.77 pot of at least $445.00! We got a face glancing blow this week, but hopefully can knock it out soon. Due to the Fishers Of Men off limits period there will not be a Tues Nighter next week. Good luck to everyone and see you on May 19th.


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