TTZ – Austin Wed Night 6/3/09


18 teams fished, 6 teams weighed in and 3 places were paid.

As mentioned before it’s anyone’s game on Austin right now. Around this time last year it took over 20 pounds to win and you had to have nearly 15 pounds just to get in the money; 14.82 pounds won it all tonight.

From the pre-tourney conversations, it sounded like the fish might have still been on beds earlier in the week. With reports of multiple fish in the nine pound range caught along with a couple over 10, several of our teams raced up north hoping to find their big fish still in the area. Unfortunately it appears the majority of the third wave of spawners have come and gone and all that’s left are stretches of empty beds.

Our first place team this evening caught their fish on a variety of baits including a spinner bait, buzz bait, jerk bait and jig. Eddie and David fished both the inside and outside edges of grass to catch their 14.82 pounds. David caught two of their keepers on the blade and buzz bait; his partner caught one of their fish on a Pro’s Choice Lures Pro V Shad and used an Oldham’s jig with a Pro’s Choice Lures E’gr Bv’r trailer to catch the team’s 6.33 pound kicker. Pro’s Choice Lures is a local bait company and we’re sure many of you are already familiar with the E’gr B’vr and E’gr Craw. Eddie Pelfrey actually owns the company and proved tonight his baits definitely catch fish. For more info on Pro’s Choice and to see their complete selection of plastics please visit

Second place went to Jamie and Brandon with nearly 14 pounds. After a couple of lackluster results from the past few tournaments, the team ditched their familiar waters and game plan and ventured south. The change in strategy proved successful and their 13.75 pounds all came off a Zoom Trick Worm. In addition to second place earnings, Brandon’s 7.21 pound fish also earned them Big Bass honors for the tournament.

Finishing in the money for the third week in a row were Brad and Randy followed by TJ and his son Kyle. The father and son team took home the Yamamoto and Kinami tackle pack again this week for their just out of the money finish.

Congrats again to the teams in the money and thanks to all for coming out, see you guys this Saturday at Champs and good luck!


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