TTZ – Austin Wed Night 6/17/09


18 teams fished, 8 teams weighed in and 3 places were paid.

The tough bite on Travis last night followed our teams to Austin this evening. It must be something in the water that seeped through Mansfield Dam that caused the fishing to completely shut off.

With most teams reporting a very sluggish bite, our winners went against the norm and found some active fish willing to chase a topwater. Greg and John headed south and coaxed up four keepers on a Zoom Horny Toad. Most anglers can tell you the hook up ratio on a frog is less than 50%, although they didn’t lose a lot of fish Greg did mention a five pound kicker coming unbuttoned halfway to the boat. Greg also stated all of their fish came out of two feet of water.

Eddie and David came in second with four fish going 8.36 pounds. Eddie Pelfrey is the owner of Pro’s Choice Lures and this is his third week in a row to finish in the money! Eddie makes some very productive plastics, including the E’gr B’vr and E’gr Craw, and we hope to have him as a guest on our Triple Nickel show soon.

Third place went to Cary and Matt. They only weighed in two fish, but with one over six pounds it was enough to edge out the Waldrops and claim Big Bass. Cary caught the fish half an hour before weigh in on a wacky rigged Yamamoto Senko. He later disclosed the color of choice was cotton candy, aka pink. Speaking of Senkos, Mike and Jr took home the Yamamoto and Kinami tackle pack for their fourth place finish.

Congrats again to the teams in the money! It just goes to show Lake Austin is a very level playing field this year…just be prepared to be humbled before claiming some of the $800-$900.00 weekly purses. It happens to the best of us, but when it’s your time Austin can reward you with a personal best and some cash to boot!

Thanks to all that came out and see y’all this Saturday on Travis at the 4th Annual ABC Open.


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