TTZ – Travis Tues Night 7/07/09


16 teams fished, 8 teams weighed in and 3 places were paid.


That’s the sound of the 777 slot raining cash! In our Tuesday Night Lake Travis event, Dale Read and his partner Jared Smith pulled the handle and came up big with an 8.67 pound toad to shatter the 7.77 mark and win the Lucky 7 Big Bass Pot. Dale and Jared also went on to win big stringer with a three fish total of 13.46 pounds. The Dale Read dynasty continues as the team took home a whopping $1,135.00, which is unprecedented when you consider the $40 entry fee and just a few hours work.

The total cash payout for Dale and Jared comprised of $895.00 for the rollover big bass incentive and $240.00 for first place. We interviewed the team at the weigh-in and Dale shared with us their fish were primarily caught on Yamamoto Senkos. The “big one” committed to a weightless presentation on a ledge near the bank. Dale knew it was a nice fish, but thought it might be “another gasper goo” like the one he recently hooked during another TTZ Travis tourney. 16 boats showed up to witness the Triple 7 Big Bass Pot fall and three places were paid.

Hats off to Jeff, who cashed in a nice second place check with an impressive solo limit of 8.87 pounds. He managed to bring in the only limit of the evening when he found some active fish on a main lake windy point. Jeff stayed on the lower end and mainly threw a Bitsy Jig with a Sweet Beaver trailer to entice his better bites. Impressive work on a tough night Jeff!

The final payout went to the team of David Mauldin and Cody Greaney with a bag of four fish going 8.24 pounds. They caught two of their keepers near the dam and got the second two in and around U-Flote-M Marina. Their fish came on Senkos and GrandeBass Rattlesnakes in 2-12 feet of water; bittersweet for the team however, as David experienced some serious motor issues early in the evening. While most would have called it quits, they managed to soften the blow by taking home a check. Best of luck David, we hope all is well!

Due to falling water levels and rising water temps (we found almost 92 degrees in some places), we will suspend the Travis Tuesday Nighters for a while. Don’t worry, we’ll be back and will keep you posted. TTZ would like to thank our sponsors that made this year’s Travis events possible: Marine Outlet, Legend Boats, Hustler Turf, Mitchell Equipment, Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits, Kinami Baits and Janak/Vincent State Farm. Thanks everyone for coming out and we’ll see you Wednesdays on Lake Austin!

7.77 Big Bass Winner


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