TTZ – Austin Wed Night 7/22/09


20 teams fished, 9 teams weighed in and 3 places were paid.

The clouds rolled in around 5 pm and the rain soon followed. Just minutes after launching our teams, the rain started coming down and brought lightening and thunder with it! Though sporadic, it’s been a long while since we’ve seen the sky light up at times like it did last night!

With the overcast conditions, cooler temps and flowing water most teams were optimistic and figured the bite would finally turn on. Several teams reported throwing moving and reaction baits without any real success; but in the end it was once again the trusty Yamamoto Senko that did it for our winners. Jared Smith and Paul Carman won first place and Big Bass with their 13.27 pounds anchored by Paul’s 7.20 pound fish! They fished Senkos along the grass north of City Park and took home $400.00 on just four fish, congrats guys!

Coming in second were TTZ fishing team member Andy Nuyen and Larry Pederzani with one of the two limits weighed in for a respectable 11.09 pounds. The team had their limit fairly early, by 8:30 pm, fishing a special TTZ hand tied jig with a Yamamoto Flappin’ Hog trailer and Texas rigged Yamamoto Senkos. With a little over 10 pounds in the boat, Andy and Larry decided to leave their shallow pattern and moved out to deeper water in search of a kicker. Larry managed to cull one of their 14″ keepers five minutes before weigh-in but they never did stumble into a big bite.

Rounding out the final paid spot and taking third were the Waldrop brothers with the only other limit of the evening. Nick Boatright and Chad Maxwell, who recently finished second in this year’s ABC Open on Travis, took home the Yamamoto and Kinami tackle pack for their fourth place finish.

Congrats to all the teams in the money and a very special congrats to Ryder Austin, or Mini E, on fishing his very first TTZ Wed Nighter! Ryder fished hard all night despite the miserably wet conditions and could not wait to show off his fish at the weigh-in! When asked what he caught the fish on, he replied “A Swimmy Senko!”

See y’all next week!


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