TTZ – Austin Wed Night 9/16/09


16 teams fished, 7 teams weighed in and 3 places were paid.

Mike and Junior Waldrop win again on TTZ’s Lake Austin Wednesday nighter bringing in the only limit of the night, weighing over 9 pounds.  The Waldrops continue their success with handpour brush hogs, made by Austin’s own Eddie Pelfrey of Pro’s Choice lures.  Junior gave us the scoop after the tourney.  “They are a softer pour, watermelon silver, and I’ve got plenty if anybody’s interested!”  

Cary and Tom maintained their winning ways, as the wacky Senko struck again.  Cary told us he does a few little things that he thinks have been making a difference.  First, the color.  Cary likes cotton candy on Lake Austin right now, and you can’t argue with his consistency.  He has been using an o-ring in the middle of the bait to run his hook under, so he can pull it through grass without damaging the bait as much.  Also, he is weighting the tail slightly.  Edges seem to be key in his pattern, whether they be docks or grasslines. 

Rounding out the night with a very valuable fish, Collin came through with a 6.24 pounder good for a 3rd place finish and a big bass reward.  He fooled this nice fish on a chatterbait, and hooked it in around 10 foot of water.

Brandon “Big Fish” Houston lived up to the name as he brought a nice 4 plus into the scales.  He has been throwing the weightless fluke and allows it to drift with current around boat docks, a technique that has been effective for him the last few weeks.  Brandon told us what he has been experiencing lately.  “The bite is just a faint tick, then you lift up on it and they are there.”

The weather was great, and the pleasure boat traffic is way down.  However, the fishing hasn’t changed much, but we expect that can happen anytime now.  We’ve decided to run the Wednesday Nighter all the way through September and have just two events remaining for the ’09 season.  Thanks to all that came out and see you next week!


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