TTZ – Austin Wed Night 9/23/09


9 teams fished, 5 teams weighed in and 2 places were paid.

The persistent rain kept most of the boats off the water, but there were several die hard teams that showed up to the second to last Wed Nighter of the 2009 season. Lake Austin was dead calm and the thirty degree drop in air temperature made it bearable for our rain gear toting anglers to be on the water.

Besides the lack of pleasure boaters not much has changed on Austin, she is still as finicky as ever and like a (insert off colored comment here) is a tough one to figure out! One team on their way to doing so last night were Larry Pederzani and TTZ fishing team member Andy Nuyen. The two were one fish shy of a small limit and took first place with 11.53 pounds. Their better fish, which both appeared malnourished, were caught on a 3/8 oz jig with a Yamamoto Flappin’ Hog trailer. The old man and the Asian stumbled upon a couple of keepers hanging on the corners of docks earlier in the afternoon and duplicated this pattern during the tournament; the other two keepers were caught on black and blue flake 5″ Senkos Tx rigged around grass. Big bass of the tournament was a sickly four pounder that was missed by Larry and caught by Andy on a follow up cast.

Coming in second were Cary and Patrick. This was Cary’s second week in a row to finish second, he’s been on a roll out there and has cashed in several times throughout the last month fishing a wacky rigged Senko in watermelon candy. As most teams reported a very slow night of fishing, Cary reported at weigh-in they had a 20 fish night and lost several good keepers in the three plus pound range.

We’d like to thank everyone for going out of their way and coming out to compete in the less than desirable conditions. Next week will be the last event of the season and we hope to see everyone out there, let’s close out 2009 the right way!


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