TTZ – Travis Tues Night 4/20/10


9 teams fished, 6 teams weighed in and 2 places were paid.

Tuesday night brought nine boats out to an awesome evening on the water. With light and variable winds and water and air temps both hovering around 70 degrees, life was good. But as we all know, good stable weather with little to no wind can make for tough fishing on a clear lake like Travis; and most teams found that to hold true. However, one team was able to bring a good bag to the scales.

Grant Schnabel and Brian Booker had 14.53 pounds with just four fish; their sack was anchored by a nice 6.91 pound bruiser and another 4.25 pound fish!

Grant told us about their night.

“The night started off right. We pulled up to a broken rock point that was covered with tons of perch and within the first couple casts with a DD-22, I had a solid 4 plus in the boat for our first keeper!”

On most central Texas lakes, and especially on Travis, that is one heck of a start; and things continued to get a little better as the evening went on.

“As we moved into the back of a cove with flooded brush, we could see the shad getting blown out of the water up shallow. The creek was crystal clear and as we got closer we could see some very good fish, some of the biggest we’d ever seen in Travis cruising and chasing bait in every direction. To our surprise they were even reacting to our baits! Then we saw three REAL good ones cruising. Brian threw over to them with a Chug Bug…then that 6 plus crushed it. Believe it or not, she was considerably smaller than the other two!”

Just goes to show, even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while.

Continuing their domination on Lake Travis and coming off a second place finish in the 41st annual Bass-O-Ree were Chris Ellensohn and James Polkinghorn. Their bag of three fish weighing 6.92 pounds was good enough to secure second place, and put them in the money for the third week in a row. The pattern for them was a little different this week as all their keepers came on one bait. Chris shared with us,

“They were hittin’ swimbaits on points, but it was a different deal tonight. They were real scattered man. We caught two of our keepers shallow around submerged bushes, but the better fish was out pretty deep.”

Congrats on another solid finish Chris and James!

Speaking of solid, Troy Matte fished solo and brought in another good bag to take third…his bigger fish was pushing four pounds.

“My fish came on swimbaits also, off rocky points. I had lots of real good fish follow it, they just wouldn’t commit. Even had some short strikes. Might’ve been the clearer water or the lack of wind, but they were definitely interested in it!”

His three fish totaled 6.70 pounds and secured him our tackle pack for the night. Thanks again to Jacky Roberts of Pro’s Choice Lures and Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits for their healthy donations to the cause – enjoy Troy!

Come see us next week guys. This turnout was definitely impacted by the FAN off limits period, but we expect to have a better turnout next week. The River City Grille Big Bass Rollover is growing and starts at $240 next week! With the fish the guys reported seeing tonight, it could happen soon…real soon.


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