TTZ – Travis Tues Night 5/18/10


13 teams fished, 6 teams weighed in and 2 places were paid.

There are many factors that may be contributing to the slow fishing on Travis…a full lake, the post spawn, high calcium count in the water – whatever. The lack of talented anglers is definitely not on that list, and looking at the results you’ll come accross some very successful names in both central and south Texas fishing. But as the saying goes, that’s why it’s called fishing and not catching.

Speaking of not catching, there were two reports of big fish lost at this week’s Tuesday Nighter. Charles Whited and Chris Jaynes were fishing deep when Charles noticed his line was moving away from the boat at a fairly quick pace; thinking Chris might have snagged his line he looked back to see his partner no where near it. Charles quickly laid into the fish, doubling his rod over almost immediatley! His thoughts on the lost fish were simple,

“It was a big fish…we might of had her on tonight boys.”

The second fish was lost by Rich McDonell and Larry Pederzani at the boat. Rich was fishing a jig when he initially thought he was hung up on a ledge, but then the ledge started to move! The fish came up just a few feet away from the boat and broke his line on the way down. They both told us she was every bit of eight pounds.

The big fish are in there and an eight pounder (or better) weighed on our scale will award you the River City Grille Big Bass Rollover pot. The pot starts at $445 next Tuesday.

But enough about what could have been, let’s talk about what came to the scales. Fishing solo and winning with 6.68 pounds was Danial Gibson. Daniel caught his four keepers fishing main lake docks and flats with Yamamoto Senkos. He also mentioned he caught several non keepers throwing Brush Hogs and did not get a single bite after dark.

Coming in second were former Bass Champs South champions Lee Beuershausen and Kelley Mauldin with two fish for 4.71 pounds. Kelley told us he caught the better fish on a wacky worm off a dock sitting in 20 foot of water.

Congrats again to the teams that cashed on an extremely tough night of fishing! We’ll be out there again next week to see if the bite picks up. Good luck to everyone fishing Bass Champs on Choke and FAN on Belton this weekend!


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