TTZ – Travis Tues Night 6/01/10


11 teams fished, 4 teams weighed in and 2 places were paid.

Recent patterns on Travis have been harder to find than a Skeeter with a Mercury; and nothing changed for the 11 boats that turned out to fish the TTZ Tuesday night tournament. We’ve heard all the excuses…high calcium content, water fluctuations and post-spawn fickle fish, but the team of Dale Read and Jack Fountain ignored them all and put together a solid limit with a sack over ten. They even had a kicker fish pushing five pounds and took home a first place payday of $200 for their efforts.

We talked to Dale about their night.

“I pulled the old man out of retirement tonight, and I’m glad I did! Jack and I fished in Sandy all night. We caught two fish on deep water docks and two on lights; but the big fish was under a shallow dock.”

We hoped Dale and Jack could key us all in on a pattern, but that was not the case.

“We caught fish on Flukes, a Carolina rig, Senkos and even Power Worms. We really had no pattern and just ran around. We only caught two fish in one spot all night.”

The duo also managed to hook another five to seven short fish throughout the evening.

Coming in second was the father and son team of Greg and Pete Craycroft with a three fish weight of 5.87 pounds good for $130. Greg shared some info with us.

“We had an area where we had caught fish before, but until tonight it had been pretty rough. We caught our better fish on a dock in sixty plus feet of water. They came on Texas rigged Senkos primarily.”

TTZ implored as to any pattern on depth.

“No, not really. They weren’t suspended for us because the bites came on or near the bottom as our baits hit the bluff wall.”

Closely rounding out the night with a third place finish at 5.85 pounds and another three fish bag was the team of Jacky Roberts and Paul “Big Fish” Carman. Ironically, they took home a Pro’s Choice tacklepack. You see, Jacky Roberts is the owner of Fish Finder’s Marine and Pro’s Choice Lures, and is a proud sponsor of our TTZ events. Instead of restocking his shelves, we witnessed Jacky unselfishly hand over their winnings to a fine young man watching the weigh-in…too cool Jacky!

We asked Jacky how they caught ‘em.

“I wish I could give you a better story, but there was really nothing to write home about. We caught our fish on a wacky Senko and a shaky head Pro’s Choice E’gr Craw. There was no particular depth we could put together. We caught a lot of fish, but they were mostly non-keepers from eight to twenty five feet of water.”

We appreciate everyone showing up, and we’ll see you out there next week where the River City Grille Big Bass Rollover starts at $575!


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