TTZ – Travis Tues Night 6/08/10


16 teams fished, 7 teams weighed in and 3 places were paid.

The rains held off and some cooler breezes allowed for a pretty nice evening to be on the water for our Tuesday Nighter on Travis. Despite the possibility of heavy rains in the forecast, 16 teams showed up. We saw many familiar faces and a few new ones.

It was an interesting night to say the least, as a parade of nine pound bags came to the scales, and the top two competitors were fishing solo!

TTZ team member Brian Booker barely edged out the rest of the field with four fish for 9.96 pounds worth $240. Brian told us about his night.

“Did the same thing Grant and I have been doing for the last couple weeks. I was fishing for suspending fish in the corner of a walkway in a large marina. It is tough, because they really want light line. All my fish came on a wacky Senko; they like that slow fall but it takes a lot of patience to let it sink.”

Brian shared a little more with us about the pattern.

“The productive cables are in about 35 feet of water and the fish are pretty tight to them. When they get hooked, they like to go back home, so it means you are gonna lose a few. Which I did. I lost a big one tonight in fact…about 6 pounds. She went down under the cables and after a lot of pulling surfaced about forty yards to my left. When she went back down she got some slack and let go. Just one of those things, but I am happy to finish in the money!”

Taking second for the night and $140 was Jared Smith with a limit at 9.89 pounds. Going solo as well, he was also fishing a marina walkway. But Jared was focusing more toward the middle to back corner with a drop shot and a GrandeBass Baby Rattlesnake.

“The bite was good. Most of ‘em just inhaled it. The fish were really tight to the cover under the walkway, and if you just held steady pressure most would swim out. I was using 12 pound test on a spinning rod with a ¼ oz drop shot weight.”

$100 and third place went to Kelley Mauldin and his partner Lloyd Ward. Does Lloyd’s name sound familiar? It should, because he’s the guy that caught the ShareLunker on LBJ this year!

The team’s limit went 9.66 pounds.

“We caught all of ‘em on a Senko in about twenty feet of water. We were throwing ‘em wacky, but were putting a nail in the head for a little more weight and a little different fall. All the fish were right on the lip of that ledge. We didn’t lose any fish, just caught a decent limit of keepers,” said Kelley.

Coming in a very close fourth with another nice limit of fish for 9.11 pounds were Dean Alexander and Paul Carman. They took home a Pro’s Choice tackle pack from Jacky Roberts at Fish Finders Marine.

It looks like Travis is starting to make the turn. There were some chunks brought in tonight, and many were spitting up shad all over the boat decks. The fish are relating a little better to structure and cover and it may just be a week or two away that somebody brings in the big girl! Come see us next week, where the River City Grille Big Bass Rollover pot starts at $655!


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