TTZ – Austin Wed Night 6/30/10


7 teams fished, 4 teams weighed in and 2 places were paid.

We’re not sure if it was the forecasted rain, the spawn or the Waldrops that kept most boats from coming out, but we had the second lowest turnout of the 2010 season this week on Austin. With the lack of rain and the lake void of almost all recreational traffic, it turned out to be a very quiet and relaxed evening for the seven teams that came out to the Wednesday Nighter.

It’s been an amazing year on Austin so far and one team that has definitely been on the receiving end of the money is the Waldrop brothers. With a winning stringer weighing 15.80 pounds and Big Bass of 6.01 pounds, Jack Jr. and Mike took home $160 and extended their run in the money to six consecutive tournaments!

The Waldrops ran north this week, way up north, to catch their winning bag. With water temps as low as 59 degrees, Jr. caught one of their fish off a bed on a swimbait and the other bit a Senko; Mike threw a ChatterBait through the submerged grass to catch their other three keepers. Jr. also told us they had both trolling motor and outboard problems so were limited to fishing one primary area the majority of the evening.

Coming in second were TTZ team members Robby Crabb and Andy Nuyen with four fish just shy of 12 pounds. After finishing just half a pound out of the money the last time they fished together, the team stuck to their previous strategy and concentrated on fishing creeks. But unlike two weeks ago when nearly every fish wanted the wacky rigged Senko, they both reported a very tough bite this evening; dead sticking Flukes and Senkos was the only way they could get bit.

Thanks to all that came out despite the potential inclement weather and see everyone next Wednesday!


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