TTZ – Travis Tues Night 7/27/10


15 teams fished, 5 teams weighed in and 3 places were paid.

We had a good turnout this week, with some very talented anglers, and saw record setting results. But not the ones we hoped for. Taking only four plus pounds to win, it was tougher than it had been out there all year. 15 teams came out to try their luck at that eight pounder, but most found eight inchers instead.

The team of Cody Ryan Greaney and Trey Webb prevailed in the brutal conditions with continued falling water and surface temps right at 90 degrees. Bringing two chunky fish to the scales for 4.80 pounds was enough for them to take home $225. Trey gave us a a little insight into their pattern.

“It was tough, real tough. We caught the two keepers in about eight foot of water on a jig. Sure didn’t think it’d be enough to get it done though!”

Cody Ryan Greaney told us more about their night.

“It was a night of running and gunning, just trying to get the fish to give us a sign. After each losing a couple of GrandeBass RattleSnakes, Trey started flipping the jig and set the hook on a chunk in some big rock. A quick flip of the Easy Net and we had one for the box. That prompted me to tie on a Stanley jig as well and before I could finish a knot, Trey was setting the hook again…short fish. Trey’s got the bite down by now and added one to the box before it was all said and done. I played a heck of a net man, but the real honors go to Trey Webb with Ranch Road Creative Solutions.”

“The Champion Toyota of Austin boat made for a safe journey back to the ramp and we were pleasantly surprised at the outcome…be sure to take a kid fishing and check out the for ways to do just that!”

Congrats Trey and Cody, and please take Cody’s advice and get a kid out with you on your next trip!

Coming in second after their record tying TTZ tournament run of three straight wins was the team of Brian Booker and Grant Schnabel; their two fish for 3.80 pounds paid them $135. We asked Grant what he was feeling.

“Well, we’ve been on a good run, can’t complain. We caught several small fish on the cables, and Booker hooked a chunky spot that just measured, and then it went dead again. Headed back over to the ledge and caught a few small fish, then I hooked that two and a half pounder on a Senko. Not long after that, I hooked into its twin brother. It went under the boat a few times, then came up about 20 yards from the boat; when it went back down it just came loose…hook popped out. Pretty depressing for sure. We didn’t think it was the end of the world at the time, but that would have been enough to get us the record amazingly.”

Brian also commented about the end of the run.

“You know, it had to come to an end…but we’ve enjoyed it. Our fish are still around and we’ll keep at it. Kinda nice to have the pressure off actually!”

The tournament paid three places tonight; giving the team of Matt Hill and Kelly Kennemer $90 for two fish weighing 3.80 pounds. The fourth place team of Brandon Bray and Ben Walton took home the generous Fish Finders tackle pack full of Pro’s Choice lures from Jacky Roberts, with one fish going 1.82 pounds.

Congrats guys!

Only a few tourneys are left in the regular season, and after this week’s miserable results, that eight pounder is starting to resemble a unicorn. As we mentioned last week, it is looking like a Saturday stringer tourney for some big cash will be the case the 28th of August. However, there are four more opportunities before our last scheduled event on August 24th to give that big girl a shot. Remember, if you haven’t fished a Tuesday Nighter yet, you must fish one Tuesday tournament in 2010 to qualify for the Saturday tournament.

By the way, this ought to wet your whistle…the River City Grille Big Bass Rollover starts at $1,070 next Tuesday! See y’all at the ramp


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