TTZ – Austin Wed Night 8/18/10


13 teams fished, 8 teams weighed in and 2 places were paid.

Jeff Cook made a special guest appearance this week and brought out Texas Boat World’s newest addition to their fleet, a 2011 Bass Cat Eyra.

That Eyra is a fast boat and Jeff reported speeds up to 79 mph during initial test runs, but that was the only thing fast about Wednesday night as the fishing was the slowest we have seen it in months.

Finding their way back into the winner’s circle was the TTZ father and son team of Dale and Jake Read; their modest 7.14 pounds earned them a healthy payout of $235. Although they only had three fish to weigh, Dale told us what he and Jake have been stalking for the past several months.

“Jake and I headed for the tree with the non biting monster fish under it and there they were! First came a 7 pounder followed by a couple of 8 to 10 pounders. The fish are trained better than circus elephants; they come out and swim right up to the boat, turn sideways for a great look and then sink down to the lower water column. When you finally leave the shaded areas they swim with you to the dock and give you another peek. We fished for them like we do every single week but just end up getting frustrated.”

“We finally caught a couple small keepers off an underwater light and headed to another spot before returning to the same light; Jake caught our biggest fish at 9:53 off that light and we scooted back to City Park. It’s been a tough one for us this year but very rewarding meeting a bunch of new friends and getting to know people better.”

Second place and $155 went to Jamie Slayden and Brandon Houston with a four fish bag weghing 6.79 pounds. The team has been on fish for several weeks now as Brandon explains,

“I caught all of our keepers last night and Jamie didn’t get a bite all night long. They were in the same area that we have been fishing for the past several weeks. All but one fish came on the bullfrog stickbait again; a blue fleck Power Worm accounted for the other one. The only thing we noticed that was different was the current, it seemed to be alot stonger than usual. I could only catch them by throwing ahead of my target area and letting the bait drift back to the ideal spot, if you didn’t do that you were not going to get bit.”

Third place and the Kinami tackle pack went to the Tackle Pack Kings Robby Crabb and Andy Nuyen. Their four fish fell just 4 ounces shy of Jamie and Brandon’s second place bag. Robby told us more after the tournament.

“After Andy caught that 10 pound spoon fish on his first cast before the tournament last week we decided to start deep. This week was no different and Andy hooked up on his very first cast again…but this time instead of a double-digit bass he hooked into a bikini bottom down in 25 feet of water! I never saw him throw it back over the boat and for all I know he probably hid it somewhere in the Legend for my wife to find.”

“Other than that our night was fairly uneventful; we caught good numbers fishing the reeds and docks but only managed to scratch out four small keepers.”

Our good friend Terry Williams of Austin Bass Fishing won Big Bass with a 3.72 pounder; Terry caught the fish on a Spro frog and reported missing a couple of other good blow ups around the reeds.

This is the smallest Big Bass we’ve had all year and further proof that if you have any fish at all it’s a wise decision to come to weigh-in.

It was great to see some new faces and we hope to see everyone again next week. The Wednesday Night Tournament will run through September so you still have another month to win a Power Tackle rod for Big Stringer and/or Big Bass. Thanks again to all that came out and fished with us.


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