TTZ – Travis Tues Night 8/24/10


14 teams fished, 6 teams weighed in and 2 places were paid.

Ribbons of severe storm clouds blew through the area and the temperature dropped below 100 degrees for the first time in weeks. But the heavy rain and wind gusts up to 30 mph quickly dissipated and left very mild conditions for the 14 teams that came out to fish the last Tuesday Night Tournament of the 2010 season. This was the last chance to bring in an eight pound bass and win the River City Grille Big Bass Rollover; with substantially cooler temperatures, there was a small window of opportunity for that one lucky bite worth over $1,300!

Coming in with the only limit of the evening and winning $250 were Mike James and TTZ fishing team member Andy Nuyen; their 10.23 pound bag was anchored by a healthy four pound fish, but also included a one pound fish care penalty for an expired fish. The team ran to five different holes and caught seven keepers for the night on Texas rigged Yamamoto Senkos and GrandeBass RattleSnakes. Andy told us more after the weigh-in.

“We really didn’t do anything different, been running the same five or six holes all year long and they just happened to be biting in two of them tonight. We had a small limit within the first hour or so fishing Senkos in 20-30 feet of water. Three of those fish needed to be fizzed and I got the first two to stabilize; the third fish went crazy when I stuck it and must have threw off the needle, it unfortunately expired halfway through the tournament but luckily didn’t hurt us too bad.”

“After the sun went down I switched from the 301 Senko to a Trophy Hunter 4.5″ RattleSnake and it paid off. The big fish bit around 9:00 pm and culled a 14 incher, our last cull happened at 9:15 and also came off the RattleSnake…catch ’em with Senkos and cull ’em with RattleSnakes!”

Second place went to the team of Russell Truitt and Chris Baker; they are no strangers to finishing in the money and won a Tues Nighter the first time they came out this season in June! Russell and Chris were on the fish to win it again, but lost a few fish throughout the tournament. Chris explains how they caught (and lost) their fish.

“We tried a place about 20 minutes up lake on Monday night where I have caught some decent fish in the past. We caught three keepers quick and left it alone for Tuesday. When we returned during the tournament the fish didn’t bite until almost 7 and by 7:30 we had our four keepers. We caught our fish on either a drop shot or shaky head around dock cables. I lost a key fish and Russell broke off two fish around the cables between 7:30-8:30.”

“We moved back down lake to a spot that we caught them in a few weeks ago and didn’t get any bites until 9:20. Russell was saying I guess we may not win without a limit. I responded by saying, ‘Not so fast I’ve got one, a good one!’ I fought the fish and it looked to be 4 lbs when it surfaced, but during the fight the line got tangled in the big prop and I lost it.”

Chris and Russell’s bag weighed 7.62 pounds and paid them $170 for the night, congrats guys!

Lance Hale and Barry Mott came in third and won the Pro’s Choice tackle pack provided by Jacky Roberts’ FishFinders Marine.

“It was really slow for the first couple of hours, only one small fish before dark and we made a move to a marina. I hooked one and he broke me off on a cable, Barry threw in right behind me and hung our first fish. We thought we were done; on our way back to the ramp we followed a boat over to some docks to see if we could get lucky. On the first cast I hung our biggest and Barry threw in right next to the dock and hung our third fish. We threw him in the boat and hauled back to the ramp,” said Lance.

That’s it for the 2010 Tuesday Night season; it’s been a tough one to say the least and we’d like to thank everyone that came out and fished with us. The River City Grille Big Bass Rollover ended at $1,335, but since it didn’t get paid out we are fishing one last time Saturday, August 28. For more information about the Saturday tournament please click here.


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