TTZ – Austin Wed Night 8/25/10


9 teams fished, 7 teams weighed in and 2 places were paid.

After missing the money by just ounces again last week, the Tackle Pack Kings finally got lucky and took down the last Wednesday Night Tournament in August. Robby Crabb and Andy Nuyen caught eight keepers, throwing a combination of Yamamoto and GrandeBass plastics, and culled three times in the last 45 minutes to win the tournament and take home $160.

Crabb and Nuyen immediately started catching fish and boated three keepers, including their biggest fish, in the first half hour pitching a Yamamoto Large Flappin’ Hog into the reeds. Despite their quick success, they struggled to fill their limit but finally put number five into the boat at 9:00 pm. But when the going gets tough the tough get lucky. Andy filled us in on their good fortune.

“At 9:15 we pulled up to a do nothing row of docks on the way back to City Park and started throwing Trophy Hunter RattleSnakes. One of our fish was barely 14 inches and we knew we had to get rid of that squeaker to make things interesting. We managed to cull two fish before it was time to go; I was already in the seat while Robby was pulling up the trolling motor but for some reason got up and made one more cast. Right when Robby turned on the big motor I got a bite and managed to cull a 14.5 incher with a 16 inch fish at 9:53!”

Congrats Robby and Andy; and congrats also to Andy for winning back to back tournaments on Travis and Austin in the same week!

After a two week hiatus the Waldrops came back out and finished second with 10.30 pounds; their limit earned them $110 for the night. Jack Jr. told us how they caught their fish.

“We focused on deep fish and caught most of them out of 20 feet of water on Senkos, Baby Brush Hogs and drop shots…even had to fizz a fish at the end of the tournament.”

TTZ fishing team member Dale Read and Dean Alexander won Big Bass with a 5.97 pound fish and took home the Kinami Tackle Pack, filled with a nice assortment of Kinami hardbaits, for third place. When the team pulled up to check-in it looked like they had both seen a ghost; Dale explained why.

“Dean and I started at the _____ (use your imagination here) tree and saw more BIG fish than ever before. I have been accused of over exaggerating size and weights so I asked Dean to guess how much was under the tree…easy 90 pounds of fish. What more can be said besides they would not bite when needed. We caught all three of our fish from different locations beginning from up past the tree to down past Ski Shores; we threw Senkos and Power Worms.”

“After the tournament we went back for more rejection – note to self: don’t fish the tree! The fish don’t like plastic in any form!”

As mentiioned last week we’ll run the Wednesday Night Tournament through September; but with dove season opening next week we will have a bye week and will not be fishing September 1st. Good hunting and we’ll see everyone the following week at City Park!


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