TTZ – Travis Tues Night 6/15/10


10 teams fished, 7 teams weighed in and 2 places were paid.

10 teams came out for the Tuesday Nighter on Travis this week, and it was hot. But the temperature wasn’t the only thing heating up as the weights are starting to get a little more consistent, and a little more impressive.

To hopefully extend his success of late, Travis Garner fished with Kevin Thress (both from Round Rock) and came out to play for the first time this year in our weekly tournament. Travis fished with Brian Harms and did something pretty amazing recently, tying for first place in the Bass Champs event on Belton last Saturday with Ronny and Eddy Maynard, and took home a check for $11,700! The first and second place payouts were split after the teams decided to pass on the one hour fish off. With brutally tough fishing conditions, and a similar pattern for both teams, they decided to both walk away winners.

But back to Lake Travis…where the rich get richer as they say. Travis and Kevin lugged a bag of 5 solid Travis largemouths to the scale that weighed a total of 12.75 pounds. Their limit paid $180 and was anchored by a five pound plus bruiser. We asked Travis about their night, and his recent run of success.

“It’s been cool man. You know you never know how things are gonna turn out, but we had been on some good fish on Belton, and it worked out for us. Travis was a bit of a different story and has been tough for us out here. We caught our fish tonight suspended though. They were suspended in about 15 to 18 feet of water under docks. Caught ‘em on Flukes weightless.”

Congrats guys, what a run!

Coming in second and also fishing for the first time with us this year was the team of Mike Abernathy and Justin Parish. They also brought a nice limit of fish to the scales weighing 11.59 pounds. At $120 richer, Mike shared the details with us.

“We caught ‘em in about 15 foot of water all night. The first one came off a boat dock and bit a jig; we moved after that and Justin filled our limit fishing a drop shot.”

Taking home the Pro’s Choice tackle pack from Jacky Roberts at Fish Finder’s Marine were our old friends Wade and Greg Mehaffey. Greg told us how they caught their third place sack, which included one of the largest “spotted” bass we’ve seen in a while!

“We were fishing deep man…real deep. We were sitting in 70 plus foot of water almost the whole time. We started shallow and decided pretty quick to move out. They were all caught on Senkos suspended in 30 foot of water over some deep stuff.”

Congrats to the guys in the money, and we hope to see you all out next week. The River City Grille Big Bass Rollover STARTS at $705, so odds are it will be over $750 even with a moderate turnout next week. That’s worth getting a kitchen pass boys! She’s out there, trust us; guys are losing and catching fish all around the mark. Don’t let somebody else cash your ticket…see you at Mansfield on Tuesday!


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