TTZ – Austin Wed Night 6/16/10


10 teams fished, 8 teams weighed in and 2 places were paid.

Summer is officially here and it’s time to share the lake with the recreational boaters; however, if you’ve fished Austin long enough you know massive wakes and loud music are not the only things wakeboard boats have to offer. While we’re all out there looking for those fat girls swimming in the water, there are plenty of thin ones cruising above to keep us entertained until big mamma bites!

When it comes to big mammas, the Waldrops definitely know where to find them. And they proved it yet again as Jack Jr. and Mike won first place and Big Bass with an 18.30 pound limit and 6.68 pound kicker.

Jack Jr. told us about their $230 night.

“We caught the first keeper on a buzz bait and went to fishing a shakyhead around inside grass lines. During the last hour of the tournament we pulled up to a mouth of a creek and noticed the current was flowing pretty good in that area; I pitched to a corner of a grass line and caught the big girl on a Texas rigged green pumpkin Senko.”

Jr. also told us not a single one of their fish was caught off a bed.

Coming in second and taking home $120 with only four fish were Bryce Miller and Chase Roberts. The young team ended up with 12.67 pounds after a one pound fish care penalty; their sack was anchored by a 6.30 pound kicker that expired shortly after it’s capture. Bryce and Chase only fished two areas and caught all their fish on GrandeBass Rattle Snakes in green pumpkin.

The Pro’s Choice tackle pack, sponsored by Jacky Roberts at Fish Finders Marine, went to Robby Crabb and Andy Nuyen for their 12.11 pound limit. The team went looking for bedding fish but only managed to catch some small cruisers. After spending the first hour looking at empty beds, they ran into a creek and found their limit. Andy tells us more,

“This was one of the most fun nights I’ve had on Austin; we stumbled into a creek and it was loaded with bass! After hooking and losing a fish in the five pound range, we proceeded to catch over 20 fish sitting in one spot. It was like these fish had never seen a wacky rigged Senko before; I bet we went through three packs before we finally filled our limit!”

“Most of the fish we caught were in the 10-13 inch range, but they were everywhere and extremely willing to bite. There were only two fish we saw that we couldn’t catch, a two pound male and a four pound female on a bed. Robby got the girl to bite on his second or third cast, but after missing her once she had no further interest in any of our baits. The cool part is I think I caught the same five pounder I lost earlier as we worked our way back out of the creek.”

Congrats to the teams in the money and special thanks to all the teams that came out to fish! These days it stays light until nearly 9 pm and there is plenty to soak in before the sun actually sets. Remember, before you get upset at a wakeboard boat cruising by with a surfer in tow, take a look at the back deck…it might even make you smile!


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