TTZ – Travis Tues Night 6/22/10


13 teams fished, 6 teams weighed in and 2 places were paid.

13 teams came out to fish the Tuesday Nighter on Travis this week, and the weather was perfect…perfect for frying eggs.

But a couple names you’ll recall from our early season events, Chris Ellensohn and James Polkinghorn, weathered the uncomfortable conditions and came out on top. With the only limit of the night, the two cashed in $235 for their 7.34 pound bag. We talked to James about their day.

“We have really been struggling out here lately, but tonight we seemed to put something together. We started out on a ledge and saw Andy Nuyen and Mike James close by, so we caught one real quick and showed them they were there! But they were great and kept their distance; we were just on some of the same fish it seemed.”

The anglers caught their fish with the boat in about 40 foot of water, as they drug worms over a steep main lake ledge. We asked them if they lost any good fish like others had reported lately.

“We did have one fish that felt pretty good come off, but it is hard to tell when they get hooked in that deep of water. Some of those spots will fool ya. The bite was just real mushy and heavy.”

Congrats guys and welcome back to the money!

Coming in second for $155 and finishing in the money for several weeks now was the team of Brian Booker and Grant Schnabel. With a relatively small bag of four fish at 5.55 pounds, they considered themselves very fortunate to bring in a “check” worthy bag.

“Never thought we’d have had enough for second, but it is Travis after all. We’re fishing the same pattern over deep cables. Right off the bat we doubled up on fish, both keepers. Then Grant had a good one come off in the cables that he saw…it was another one right at five pounds. We ended up with a few more keepers through the evening and caught a lot of chunky 13 plus inch fish. They’re still there, just a real crapshoot on getting ‘em out,” said Brian Booker.

Taking third this week was the team of Randy Frederick and Tim McNeil. Their three fish limit at 5.34 pounds was real close to the second place bag, and was enough to secure them the generous tackle pack supplied by Jacky Roberts of FishFinders Marine and Pro’s Choice Lures. Randy gave us the scoop.

“Definitely caught some fish tonight, just wish a few more had been keepers. Shoot, Tim caught 5 or 6 real quick on a topwater, so it was pretty fast and furious there for a while. We caught our better fish towards the end of the tournament on a rock point with Texas rigged watermelon candy GrandeBass Mega Tail worms. We threw up on the shallow part of the point, and drug ‘em out slow; they usually bit in about eight to ten feet.”

We’re really getting close to that $1,000 mark, as the River City Grille Big Bass Rollover starts at $770 next week! We have already heard from a lot of folks who are coming out next week for swing at it. Hope to see you at Mansfield where $40 gets you a shot at the pot!


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