TTZ – Austin Wed Night 6/23/10


11 teams fished, 6 teams weighed in and 2 places were paid.

With the increased traffic on Austin the fishing usually starts to settle down, and it appears the lake might be reaching its transition period between the overextended spawn and summer. Fishing was extremely tough and not a single team reported seeing a bass locked down on a bed; we’re not saying the spawn is officially over, but the monster sacks pulled off of beds may have finally come to an end.

After months of seeing the same faces in the winner’s circle, Ken Wilkins and Steve Kirkwood came out to their first Wed Nighter of 2010 and took first place and won Big Bass with their 6.86 pounder.

Ken caught the big fish early on a Hag’s Tornado Bait “Undertaker”, their other two keepers came on the old standby…Yamamoto Senkos on outside grass lines. Ken and Steve took home $255 for their three fish weighing 11.27 pounds, congrats guys!

Second place and $130 went to the Waldrop brothers with only four fish at 8.61 pounds. Jack Jr. and Mike are arguably the best anglers on Lake Austin and their sack proved just how difficult it was to find keeper bites. They also fished grass edges with Senkos to catch the majority of their fish, but also managed a keeper throwing a buzz bait.

Third place and the Fish Finders Pro’s Choice lures tackle pack went to Brian Booker and Andy Nuyen with four fish weighing just over seven pounds. The team fished wacky and Texas rigged Senkos around grass and ran to six different spots to catch their keepers.

Lake Austin is changing and according to last year’s results, this time of year the fish will typically start their move towards the main lake. Several teams threw topwaters with only one reporting limited success, but that bite could also turn on any day as anglers eagerly await throwing frogs over matted grass or topwaters under 360. Until then, throw a Senko anywhere in the lake and you’ll have a chance to take home some money.


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