TTZ – Austin Wed Night 7/07/10


8 teams fished, 6 teams weighed in and 2 places were paid.

After sitting out a couple weeks and having a difficult time getting his bed fish to bite last week, Brad Casebier found his way back into the money with his new partner Cary Laudadio. With water temps in the low 60s on the northern end of the lake, most anglers wondered if another wave of spawners would eventually move up. We think that question got answered when Brad and Cary came to the scales.

Their 13.47 pounds was pretty impressive considering they were one fish shy of a limit. Brad summed up their night for us.

“We basically did the same things as always; I got on the water at 4:00 pm and found beds to fish in 15 minutes. We didn’t catch our first fish until 7:27 but things went pretty well after that. I had a very difficult time with the bigger fish and couldn’t get a six pounder to bite. Thank God for the Power Pole!”

Unfortunately, Brad and Cary’s evening got off to a rough start and as they made their way up north Brad’s trolling motor shattered! But always in good spirits, he gladly posed for a quick photo with what was left of his trolling motor.

We’re sorry to hear about the mishap guys, guess we know where the $145 in winnings is headed.

Coming in second for the second week in a row were TTZ team members Robby Crabb and Andy Nuyen. Their meager 10.63 pounds is nothing to write home about, but it sure beats a sharp stick in the eye. The disfunctional team scraped their limit together fishing three different creeks; Robby told us how they did it.

“There’s not much to say really, everyone knows the fish are back in the creeks…but getting them to bite is a whole ‘nother story. The only way we got bit was by making long casts and deadsticking our baits. And speaking of a dead stick, can someone please tell my partner the fish are in the lake and not the cooler? While I’m trying to fill our livewells with fish Andy is back there trying to empty the cooler.”

As the saying goes, finding a good fishing partner is harder than finding a good woman; but at the end of the night Robby and Andy took home $95 for the only limit of the tournament.

Big Bass and third place went to Brian Tate and Josh Wallace. The team caught two of their keepers towards the end of the night fishing lighted docks; the big fish bit a jig and managed to pay them back their entry fee.

Thanks again to all that came out. To recognize the anlgers fishing our weeknight tournaments, each time you fish Travis or Austin during the month of July your name will be entered into our July raffle. At the end of the month we’ll draw one winner and award them $100 courtesy of Paul’s Interior Trim. See y’all next week!


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