TTZ – Travis Tues Night 7/06/10


9 teams fished, 3 teams weighed in and 2 places were paid.

Nine teams came out Tuesday night for the Travis tournament, and it was tough to put it mildly. And to put your fears to rest, the eight pounder was not caught. In fact, the big stringer of the night didn’t even hit eight pounds. Like we said, it was tough.

Coming out on top of the dismal day was TTZ team member Brian Booker and partner Grant Schnabel. Apparently per the picture below, they had an appointment for matching spray tans just prior to the event…WTF guys?!?! The orange duo has cut their fair share of checks out here this year, but did not think this would be one of them, as Brian told us.

“Shoot, we were feeling pretty bad when we came to the weigh-in. We knew we had about six pounds, but after the trending from the last few weeks, and the ledge bites improving, we thought we were gonna get slaughtered by these guys. It was a tough bite though obviously.”

We asked Brian how they caught the pitiful bag they did catch; three fish for 6.38 pounds and good for $160.

“We headed back the marina cable area to give it another try after it was so ugly to us last week. Caught a keeper right off, then a few small spots and it went cold. We decided with about an hour and a half to go to hit a marina ledge we’ve been fishing lately. They were there, just no real size. We caught our keepers on Senkos and 10 inch Zoom worms in about 20 to 30 feet of water; they were on top of a rock pile with some brush on it. Had three fish nearly touch that were big chunks, so they are still there and still eating. Hopefully it will get better next week…can’t get any worse!”

Congrats Brian and Grant!

Staying in the money again was the team of Kelley Mauldin and Mike Reynolds. With a bag of four small keepers at 5.99 pounds, they took home $110. We asked Mike how they did it.

“We are still fishing a ledge. We only had four bites, and here they are! It was tough as everybody knows by now. We got ‘em on Senkos and Brush Hogs again.”

Coming in third were TTZ team members and father and son Dale and Jake Read. Their one nice fish at 5.15 pounds was good for a nice Pro’s Choice tackle pack donated by Jacky Roberts (owner of Pro’s Choice and Fish Finder’s Marine). Jake caught the good one, and Dale told us about it.

“If I could’ve done anything to help Jake out tonight, we might have been in good shape. He caught that good fish on a wacky Senko believe it or not! She was in about 16 feet of water and bit just before sundown. The other small non-keeper we caught was just after sundown. It was brutal tonight, but I’m sure glad Jake caught that one.”

Don Gordon and Jon Jackson were out this week to fish, and brought an interesting bag to the scales. For fun, we weighed in a mixed bag of catfish and perch that went 9.16 pounds. They reported not catching a bass, but definitely got their lines pulled on as you can see. In fact this eight pound flathead gave Don a good scare on his drop shot. We heard Jon on the phone calling his wife to tell her to get the filet knife out, he was bringing home some dinner.

“Heck, she was just griping last week about all these fishing trips lately, and me not bringing home any fish. We fixed that problem I guess!”

Alright guys, it can’t get any worse, and that big girl is still out there and more valuable all the time. The River City Grille Big Bass Rollover starts at $870 next week. Come see us!


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